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Sep 26, 2010 1:00pm EDT
. the presidents of turkey and israel did not meet, despite some effort to do so. and their diplomatic relations remain at a standstill over the so-called flotilla incident. you recall what happened. on may 31s of this year, turkish ships sought to seek the siege of gaza by bringing them food and medicine and other supplies. the flotilla refused. israel did board the ships. a scuffle broke out and nine activists were killed. eight of them turks and one american. . since then turkey has demanded that israel apologize and pay damages. israel has refused. now, this is more than a diplomatic spat. turkey is the only muslim country in the middle east to have had very good working ties with israel, incoming a strong military-to-military relationship. this association has been a force for stability in the middle east. as turkey has been able to be an intermediary for countries like syria and even with hamas. the relationship between the two countries rested in part on the turkish military. and as turkey has become more democratic, with its foreign policy is also reflecting popular sentiments more. on i
Sep 19, 2010 5:00am PDT
of civil discourse. it is a year toward talking in a civil fashion about israel and all the different aspects of the state of israel. joining us are rachel a professional mediator and abby associate director of jewish community relations council. this is a wonderful initiative cosponsored by the jewish federation of marin and sonoma counties, jewish relations council and northern california rabbis. i am president of the board of rabbis so i am excited to talk to rachel, erin and abby. >>> thank you very having us. >> what is the year of civil discourse and why focus on israel? >> we are really excited about this project eric. we are launchling this because of controversy that brewed within the jewish community. we at jcrc are often -- most of our work is looking at community relations outside of the jewish community but the way in which our community dialogues about israel and other controversial matters has signaled to us we also need to focus at building bridges within the jewish community. we are launching initiatives to elevate the level of discourse within the jewish community on
Sep 5, 2010 11:00pm PDT
what arabs think. >> i never thought i'd see it again, frankly. none of us did. >> yes, israel was quite justified. >> chanting death to the jews. >> anti-semitic anti-jewish things being said and displayed at that rally. >> this is america. it's free speech. i think people should be allowed to say whatever they want. ♪ >> it's the summer of 2006. this is beirut, lebanon. this is haifa, israel. across a globe in michigan, this is dearborn. and this is southfield. dearborn and southfield are suburbs of detroit. dearborn has the largest concentration of arabs outside the middle east. and southfield has a significant concentration of jewish people. and now that we're at war with ea other, relations between the two communities at times reflect the tensions of the middle east. some of these tensions are covered in the local newspapers. >> last year we had an editorial that was published. it was published right on super bowl day in detroit. >> we are a right of center conservative page. >> and the editorial is on sunday, he says that -- that palestinians have lust for jewish blood.
Sep 26, 2010 7:00pm EDT
think of hostility and violence. at the heart of the problem is the israel-palestinian conflict, essentially a dispute over land, land palestinians believe jews have unrightfully taken, land that many jews feel is their god-given homeland. many leaders of many nations have tried to broker peace to no avail. some believe that continued international pressure is the key to success. others believe that true peace can only be achieved by incorporating grassroots efforts. let's find out what our guests think. meet ghassan g.j. tarazi is executive director of the united palestinian appeal, an organization aiding palestinians in need. last year, g.j, whose father is palestinian, led a grassroots leadership training workshop in ramallah. welcome. >> thank you. >> emily siegel is a peace activist and former delegate for interfaith peace builders, an organization that brings people from diverse backgrounds together for trips to the israeli/palestinian are to shed light on grassroots peace efforts in that region. welcome. >> thank you. >> and ambassador phil wilcox, president of the founda
Sep 26, 2010 10:00am EDT
this week of a claim by iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad. this one isn't about nuclear weapons or israel or the holocaust, it's about execution. president ahmadinejad claims that there is a death penalty double standard. on the one hand, he says the western world is coming down on iran because it may put a woman to death by stoning. and on the other hand, nobody protests again the execution this week of a woman in america. okay, so let's do some comparisons. we'll start at the macro and move to the micro. the united states executed 52 people in touch tone phone. -- in 2009. so far, 38 executions have taken place. for those opposed to the death penalty this is obviously 38 deaths too many. but in iran in 2009, the regime put more than 388 people to death and has already executed 180 to date this year, according to amnesty international. amnesty says that included in last year's grim tally for iran were one execution by stoning, 14 public executions, 77 killed by mass execution, and five people put to death for crimes they committed when they were under the age of 18. in the united states,
Sep 3, 2010 7:00pm PDT
technology for transplanting human organs created in large animals, such as pigs into, humans. >>> israel and the palestinian authorities started negotiations in washington thursday and agreed to seek a permanent peace deal within a year. but there are major differences in their positions and the talks are expected to be difficult. nhk world has more from washington. >> reporter: u.s. president barack obama considers israeli palestinian peace process his administration's top diplomatic issue. secretary of state hillary clinton, the host of the talks, has set a bold target of reaching an agreement within a year. >> we can resolve all of the core issues within one year. >> reporter: but on the first day of the talks, the differing positions of the two sides became clear. israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu asked the palestinian side to take strict terror. measures. >> security is the foundation of peace. without it peace will unravel. >> reporter: but the palestinian president, mahmoud abbas demanded israeli government to freeze the settlement expansion and the future palestinian terri
Sep 5, 2010 9:00am EDT
'smper desire for sovereignty. i am convinced that it is possible to reconcile that desire with israel's need for security. >> the israeli prime minister netanyahu talking to palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas days after four israelis were killed on the west bank with hamas claimed responsibility. hamas is against the peace talks and said abbas has no right to represent all palestinians. how did these talks go anywhere? >> it will be very difficult to as important that the united states remain engaged. i think it will be very important for the united states to recognize the difficult position in which netanyahu finds himself. it is not just because he has strong opposition to what he is trying to achieve in the peace talks, but because at issue from my point of view is israel's own future, its state. they are still in a hostile territory. you have hamas that does not want any kind of peace talks with israel. you have people in the region who would just as soon see israel wiped off the face of the earth. that is the reality that is the neighborhood in which netanyahu finds himself.
Sep 28, 2010 1:00pm EDT
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Sep 5, 2010 6:00pm PDT
to reconcile that desire with israel's need for security. >> the israeli prime minister netanyahu talking to mahmoud abbas of the palestinian authority. hamas claimed responsibility for killings in the west bank. abbas says the hamas has no right to represent palestinians back up these talks will be difficult. it is important for the united states to remain engaged. >> it will be important for the united states to recognize the difficult position in which netanyahu finds himself% not just because he has strong opposition to what he is trying to achieve in the peace talks, but because at issue, from my point of view, is that -- is israel's own future, its state. they are still in hostile territory. you have hamas who don't want to engage in peace talks. you have people in the region who would just as soon see israel wiped off the face of the earth. that is the reality. that is the neighborhood in which netanyahu finds himself. the united states has to be very careful that it does not weaken -- this will surprise many people -- they cannot weaken israel's position. israel is a very, very di
Sep 19, 2010 10:30am EDT
the palestinians insist is theirs. on september 26, israel's self-imposed moratorium on more settlement construction expires, and no one knows whether israel will then start building again, and if it does, whether the palestinians will walk out of the talks. fred de sam lazaro visited the dry and windy west bank. >> gilad freund has spent much of his adult life here as a farmer, an occupation not commonly associated with his roots in new york city. but as a jew, freund says he has his own concept of roots and geography. >> i was brought up to believe that the jewish people have a historical strong connection with the land of israel, and even though there's a good life in america, i felt that it was an important step for me to come here. >> freund arrived 30 years ago and settled in the village of tekoa, about 30 miles from jerusalem, a place that dates back to biblical times. >> tekoa is the home of the prophet amos. he was a real farmer, and in the book of amos he prophesizes that the people of israel will come back to the land and that they will settle on the land, and they will plant
Sep 2, 2010 10:00am EDT
.n. assembly meeting at the end of the month. president obama met yesterday with the leaders of israel and the palestinian authority, and also the president of andanpresident the keing, the prince of egypt. -- he met with the king of jor dan and the prince of egypt. >> and again, a live look from the department of state where direct negotiations between israel and the palestinian authority are being re-launched by secretary of state hillary clinton. we see the palestinian delegation has already arrived, awaiting the israeli delegation. last night president obama hosted the leaders of israel, the palestinian authority, and the king of jordan, and the egyptian president at a working dinner at a white house with the four leaders. the president said, we are but five men, but when we come together we will not be alone. we will be joined by the generations of those who have gone before. later today we also expect to hear from george mitchell, the president's middle east envoy. he will give an update. we will have it live on c-span. we also expect the peace talks to be the topic of today's wh
Sep 1, 2010 7:00pm EDT
of jordan and, very importantly, the prime minister of israel and the president of the palestinian authority, to come out and make their statements. these leaders will speak, take no questions, we are told, before they head off into a working dinner. that dinner designed to set up the main event tomorrow, the first direct negotiations between the israelis and the palestinians in two years. it has truly been longer than that since they engaged in true deal making designed to create a two-state solution towards peace. that's judge in just a moment. let's try to set the table for this. our senior political analyst gloria borger. robin wright. from boston, our senior analyst david gergen. wolf, to you first, we went through this together in the clinton administration. the u.s. president who got the closest to getting these two parties to put ink to paper and create a deal. this president now creating a long list of previous u.s. presidents in trying to get two leaders who are weak at the moment to sit down and do tough business. >> i've had discussion, as i know you have, with president clinton,
Sep 3, 2010 2:00pm PDT
of israel itself. is that something you have ever thought about? >> i don't have to contemplate, it is there. it is a subcurrent that in principle our life. we exist in constant fear. there is a moment when they climbed the mountain and look at the generous green landscape. she tells him, isn't it always like this regarding israel that every encounter with this country is also bidding farewell to it? i don't think there is another country that its future is so questionable. >> the central figure is a mother who wants to walk in the wilderness because she cannot bear the fact that her son is serving in the army. what is it that attracted you to that and put it in a woman's voice? >> so much of the book is about family life. i wanted to write about life because i think the greatest drama is humanity is of the family. i wanted to create this loaded bubble of family and put it against the conflict. against the background of our conflict and show how a violent conflict radiates itself into this bubble. we had 28 good years for the family. in our country, that is almost [unintelligible] 20 years w
Sep 1, 2010 12:00pm EDT
on september 26th and many people believe if israel lifts that moratorium that's the end of these talks. listen, contessa, there have been successes in these talks in this setting at the white house. in 1979 just behind me on the north lawn, anwar sadat sat down with jimmy carter and signed an accord. both of those gentlemen, sadat and rabin paid for that agreement with their lives. they were both assassinated. all the emotion and seemingly never cycle of violence in the middle east. >>> martin, let me turn to you. when we look at issues like attacks that just happened, one jewish settler a pregnant woman killed there, four of them killed in total, how influential can mahmoud abbas be with these hamas hat are willing to take these lives? >> reporter: he's not influential at all. hamas has shown with this athakt they are totally against the peace talks in washington, and that they will do anything they can to upset them. of course the israel's prime minister, benjamin netanyahu immediately seized on this saying this is just proof of the need for israel's security and in one sense, in a tragic se
Sep 22, 2010 12:00am PDT
and it has not shied away from conflict. relations with israel are tense after the israeli raid on the gaza-bound flotilla last spring. at home, the turkish government continues a path of democratic reform, waiting for membership in the european union. president gul is in new york for the united nations general assembly. i'm pleased to have him back at this table. welcome. >> thank you very much. >> rose: very good to see you again. >> it's always nice to be together. >> rose: tell me where you see turkey today. its role, its opportunity, its challenge. >> turkey is a unique position. first of all, we have been negotiating with the european union for the full membership. this means that turkey is adopting e.u. standards. this means that democratic standards of turkey is being upgrated to the e.u. so this is something very much meaningful. a muslim country is fulfilling the democracy. of course, this is making turkey very powerful. so power is power in turkey also an turkey is becoming a source of inspiration for the region. we have capacity to talk to all of them and our foreign policy is v
Sep 3, 2010 8:30pm EDT
for sovereignty. i am convinced that s possibo reconcile that desi with israel's need for . >> the israeli prime minister nyahung to palestinian thority president mahmoud abbas, tal days after four israelere killed in the west bank aas claimed responsibility. hamasagainst thacealks say a has no right to represent all palestinians. how will t talks go anywhe >> it wie very diffi. i think it is itant for t united states to remaining days bu important for the united states to recognize the difficult positionch netanyahu himself not just because he has strong opposition for what s trying to achien thace talks buuse at issue from my point of view, is il's own future, its they still are in a hle territory. you have hamas that does not want toport any kind of peace talks with israel. u have people he region who would justas soon see rael wiped off the f of the ea that is reality. s the neighborhood in which nethu find elf. e united states to be very careful that it does n weaken and this will surprise many people that it does not wn israel's position. isras in a ve ver difficult poon at t
Sep 25, 2010 6:15pm EDT
stability to the peace process requires mainly compelling the government of israel to comply with its obligations and commitments, particularly to seize all settlement activities in the occupied palestinian territories and in east jerusalem and its surroundings, and to abandon the annexation of partite wall and with an end to the policy of blockade in closures that restrict the lives of and movement of our people and deprived them of their basic human rights. our demand for the cessation of settlement activities, the lifting of the blockade, and putting an end to is look -- illegal israeli policies and practices do not constitute great conditions that are alien to the peace process. they are consistent with the implementation of obligations and commitments that have been agreed and reaffirmed by all the resolutions adopted since the very start of the political process. israel's implementation of these obligations and commitments will create the conducive environment for the success of the negotiations and will give credibility to the pledge to implement the final agreement. israel mus
Sep 26, 2010 6:30am PDT
johnson,cbn news. >> nba plays known around the world and especially in israel where basketball is a national sport. when former pros came to visit, it attracted lots of attention. chris mitchell has more. >> reporter: former nba players, college stars and harlem globe trotters gave up their height advantage to play israeli veterans in wheelchair basketball. game was one stop on their good willtour sponsoreby sports power inrnational. >> our person is for christian nba players to show supportof the jewish people in israel. we are their one loyal friends, we believe what the bible says, that they are god's chosen people. >> it wasn't offi easy for the nba players to control their wheelchair but the game was good fun for both ses. >> we were gointo play with them you can see them all over the world. >> israeli children will watch their favorite team. having these evangelil christians come here and interact withthe people and do the sports camps and work with the disabled veteran association is wonderful. new in some of the americans like dwight howard senior this was a profound ex
Sep 2, 2010 2:30pm PDT
and glamour. venice is vying to win back its place in the top european film festival. israel and the palestinians have been holding their first direct negotiations in nearly two years in washington. the american middle east envoy, senator george mitchell, said talks so far have been constructed. he said talks -- sides agreed to meet again in two weeks and that they would work towards reaching a framework agreement first. the bbc's middle east editor is in washington. >> the two sides' motorcades brought them into the state department in washington for the latest installment in what has turned into a 20-year middle eastern saga of lost hope. not surprising, then, that in a public part of the meeting they were all careful to say that negotiations were just supposed to bring peace inside the year and would not be easy. the americans will be with them inside the room or hovering outside. >> i fervently believe that the two men sitting on either side of me -- that you are the leaders who can make this long, cherished dream a reality. we will do everything possible to help you. >>
FOX News
Sep 21, 2010 1:00am EDT
with a threat against israel. ahmadinejad is here in new york so is israeli defense minister ehud barack many minister barack guess on the record, next. former president bill clinton is here. why is he in new york? what does he think about the tea party moment? we'll have press clinton tell you. plus uh-oh donald trump, gets fired. fired. whhaha investors are demanding more for their money. good. this time, i'm watching fees like a hawk. i hate hidden fees. why should i have to pay for something that i shouldn't have to pay for? td ameritrade's pricing is clear and it's straightforward... it's spelled out upfront. no hidden fees... no bait and switch. no gotchas. and there's one flat rate for online equity trades... for big accounts... or small ones. that's the way it ought to be. time for fresh thinking. time for td ameritrade. you could switch for great gas mileage or seats that flip and fold with one hand. you could switch for up to 600 highway miles on a single tank of gas. or the hundred-thousand mi powertrain warranty. over a thousand people a day are switching to chevy. they're not jus
Sep 23, 2010 10:00am EDT
in our pursuit of peace. last year i pledged my best efforts to support the goal of two states. israel and palestine. living side by side in peace and security as part of a comprehensive peace between israel and all of its neighbors. we have traveled a winding road over the last 12 months with few peaks and many valleys. but this month i am pleased that we have pursued direct negotiations between israelis and palestinians in washington, sh sharm el sheikh and jerusalem. i recognize many are pessimistic about this process. the cynics say that israelis and palestinians are too distrustful of each other and too divided internally to forge lasting peace. rejectionists on both sides will try to disrupt the process with bitter words and with bombs and with gunfire. some say that the gaps between the parties are too big. the potential for talks to break down is too great. and that after decades of failure, peace is simply not possible. i hear those voices of skepticism. but i ask you to consider the alternative. if an agreement is not reached, palestinians will never know the pride and dignit
Sep 2, 2010 7:00am EDT
of direct conversations between the leaders of palestinian and also the prime minister of israel. joining us at the table are two gentlemen who know about the negotiation process from a first hand experience. amjad atallah is from that new american foundation and his colleague daniel levy is also at the new america foundation, co- directing this task force. start by explaining your personal experience in these types of negotiations of people know where you are coming from. guest: with pleasure. my background is british but i became israeli and moved to israel. adore my aren't -- army service i worked with prime minister rabin more recently -- but more recently advised in the prime minister's office. during a time before last i was on the israeli negotiating team , in the egyptian sinai in january of 2001. the closest we have ever come to an agreement. certain gentleman sitting opposite me in the palestinian delegation. guest: nice to be with you. very much like daniel, i was born and raised in the united states but i joined the palestinian negotiating team has a legal advisor in 2000 after c
Sep 28, 2010 12:30am PDT
to take power? the u.s. tries to salvage peace talks as israel and its partial freeze in settlement belt -- on settlement building in the occupied territory. president java's claims victory in the the venezuelan election -- chavez claims victory in the venezuelan election. we're coming to you on pbs america and coming up later, coping with the floods. nigeria -- rising water has forced people from millions -- forced millions from their homes. we will have the latest on the plight of the chilean miners. north korea has announced that the third son of its leader kim jong-il has been appointed as the force -- as a four-star general. many believe that the party is preparing to anoint thee a man named kim jong-un as his father's eventual successor. from the south korean capital of seoul, here is one of our correspondence. >> from the trains pulling into an immaculate pyongyang central station to the choreographed uniformity of the arriving delegates, it is clear that something is going on. these are pictures that north korea is off authoritarian rulers want the world to see, showing a city be
Sep 2, 2010 1:00pm EDT
of israel. they are committed to make cone sessions for peace. first, we begin with breaking news from the gulf. another explosion, this time on an oil platform more than 80 miles south of vermilion bay. all 13 crew members working on that platform are accounted for. they're being cupulled out of gf waters. anne thompson is live in venice, louisiana. tell us how this could happen. what do you know of this new accident? >> reporter: what we do know is there was a fire on the oil platform. there was a helicopter flying over the platform this morning. this oil platform is working in about 2,500 feet of water. 13 people were on the platform. all 13 have been accounted for. there are reports that one person has been injured hospital terrabone parish medical center is on standby receive that person once the coast guard picks his or her out of the water. the owner of the platform tells cnbc they have seen no evidence of an oil sheen around the platform or a leak. robert gibbs said this platform was not in production. we don't know what was going on at the platform when the rig exploded. at th
Sep 27, 2010 5:30pm PDT
, palestinian president macmoud abbas who had lobbied for israel to extend the freeze said israel has a choice to make between settlements and peace. still during a trip to paris today he said with the stakes so high he will delay any decision about whether the missed deadline is a deal-breaker . >> we will not have now any quick reaction. we will not say "yes" or "no." we want or we don't want. we need to study all the results and consequences. a real deep study with the palestinian leaders. but also with with the arab countries. we have decided with the arab countries during my meeting with foreign ministers in new york, that the arab followup committee will hold a meeting on october 4th. >> even as settlers celebrated the moratorium's expiration, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu advised restraint. today his spokesman said the peace process should go forward. >> prime minister netanyahu called upon president abbas to continue with these talks because ultimately, onlythrough ongoing, serious direct talks, can we build a better future for israelis and palestinians. >> reporter: netany
Sep 20, 2010 4:00pm EDT
the real issue? u.s.-saudi relations and the war between israel and their arab neighbors. joining us now -- we have got glenn, we will begin with you, sir. iran in context with the underlying issues of the middle east. is it a problem? are they going to nuke us or is it a distraction from bigger issues? >> i think what you see is that every time ahminedjad comes to the united states, you have the same repetitions that benefit other countries. you have the parts of the united states that want to go to iran while ahminedjad benefits politically at home and the world when the -- >> appearing to be standing up to america. >> and the extremists in america win by -- look at this bad man and the muslim world pursuing nuclear weapons. >> how dysfunctional that spreads throughout the middle east. we know where the 9/11 hijackers come from. or for that matter from the israeli-arab relationship, allowing us to go to war with iran lets us avoid the real problems. >> those are the two hip okrasies that the rest of the world realizes. we pretend we're concerned about iran's internal policies. best fri
Sep 28, 2010 11:00pm PDT
a peace agreement between israel and egypt known as the camp david accords. since leaving office, he's become a force for human rights around the world. he won the nobel peace prize in 2002. he recently reflected on his presidency in an interview with "60 minutes." >> we went through four years. we never fired a bullet. we never dropped a bomb. we never launched a missile. i i because of your religious views? >> that's part of it. because i felt our country should be as a superpower the champion of peace. >> and some people will criticize that, have criticized that attitude as saying that in jimmy carter's time we didn't look as strong. didn't look like a superpower. >> there's no doubt that usually a president's public image is enhanced by going to war. that never did appeal to me. >> carter argues that despite the image of failure, he actually had a long list of successes, starting with bringing all the hostages home alive. he normalized relations with china, brokered a peace treaty between israel and just a minute deregulated railroads, trucking, airlines, and telephones, and his
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,184 (some duplicates have been removed)